For years, on tour, in the studio, working with other artists, Will has used Clayton picks. Today, Will has joined the likes of Eric Church, Tyler Farr, Lee Brice and Brantley Gilbert as a Steve Clayton artist!

If you haven't tried these picks, you should. There's a reason why so many artists are switching over to the Clayton brand - their tone, their customizability, and their comfort.

Head over to www.steveclayton.com right now, and check them out!

We'll post photos of Will with his custom WG pick a.s.a.p.!

Will Garrett

Will Garrett has had such an overwhelmingly positive response to his brand new music, that he hasn't even had time to learn about Country Music's "Do's and Don'ts..." but maybe that's a good thing. Using his honed in skills as a major songwriter and as a record producer, Will is able to craft instant hits, which he just calls "musical moments in time." His constant, unparalelled drive for self-improvement, yet a new found ability to take more risks and challenges (writing for himself), has really set him up for a major success in a music market he has only just begun to step into. A product of pop music, Garrett has always looked up to many of the artists of that genre, yet has always turned to the country music scene for personal enjoyment. It wasn't until May, 2014 which he realized he was trying to fit a mold that he wasn't ever ment to fit in the first place. After several writing sessions with many amazingly talented individuals, he was able to step back, and take a look at the musical journey he really wanted to take. With a completely new outlook on the road he's on, and with all of the successes he has had already, there's no denying he's a force to be reckoned with - for what he considers to be he true calling... country music. Will is no stranger to the music industry. He cut his teeth singing and playing in a rock band (originally signed with DMG and Universal Music Group). He has toured hundreds of thousands of miles - supporting such acts such as Train, John Legend, OneRepublic, Andy Grammer, Gym Class Heroes, Safetysuit, and many, many more. That said, he's been invited back to play for 100% of the venues which he's played in. If that's not enough, he's an endorsed artist with many different companies, including Audio-Technica, Kawai Pianos, Martin Guitars, Alclair In-Ear Monitors, Ernie Ball Strings, Eminence Audio Speakers, Seymour Duncan pick-ups, Steve Clayton Picks, Radial Engineering products, and more. It just goes to show you what hard work and dedication to a craft will do. All of this (touring, released music, endorsements, radio play) has been witout the help of a record label up until this point. Where the future takes him, he says "I don't care... just make it somewhere nice!"